June 2015 National SNMMI Delegates' Report

June 5, 2015 4:00 p.m., Hilton Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland

Overview of the House of Delegates meeting:

  • Historian's Report: Dr. Frederick Fahey stated there will be an exhibit of Nuclear Medicine in honor of the late Henry Wagner, MD. Also, a book is for sale highlighting lectures from Dr. Wagner (1981- 2009).
  • Treasurer's Report: Dr. Mike Middleton reported – Despite challenges to all non profit organizations in recent years, the SNMMI has made 4.4% on investments. SNMMI is down $450,000.00 from budget.
  • President/s Report: Dr. Peter Herscovitch discussed the industry forum. This was formed to promote nuclear medicine procedures with industry and trade groups. It is designed for education, reimbursement and evidence based development of nuclear medicine procedures. The USA is behind the rest of the world on 68-Ga. There has been approval of a Therapy Center of Excellence. 
  • Election: SNMMI results with an eleven percent return - Dr. Ben Greenspan, MD, Vice-President Elect.
  • Membership Task Force: This group has taken on a survey to see why people are not renewing membership in all categories. As issues are mentioned it is being addressed. Membership is still down across the nation. It has been noted that the international attendees have increased. Also, there will be a push to target specialists such as cardiologists. 
  • Women in Nuclear Medicine: This group is becoming more active. Also, there is a Tracy Faber award $2000.00 for a female to attend the annual meeting. This is given by the Computer and Instrumentation Council.   
  • Quality Initiative: Moving to evidence based imaging .
  • Concerns: Students graduating as NMMA are not recognized in some states. Even though PA’s or NP’s are recognized.
  • Appropriate Use Criteria: Dr. Kevin Donohoe reported currently working on bone, vq, hepatobiliary imaging and PET CT for staging.
  • Technologist Section President's Report: April Mann, CNMT stated the tech section is promoting quality with evidence based criteria for appropriateness of procedures.  
  • New Business: Open discussion concerning the certification of Nuclear Medicine physicians—The American Board of Nuclear Medicine and The American Board of Radiology. There will be more information concerning this issue.  

Respectfully submitted,
Deborah Havens, CNMT & Mike Middleton, MD