January 2015 National SNMMI Delegates' Report

January 24, 2015 4:00 p.m., Grand Hyatt Hotel, San Antonio, Texas

Overview of the House of Delegates meeting:

  • House of Delegate: The House of Delegates (HOD) is the representative component of the Society, composed of a Speaker of the House and 79 physicians, scientists, and technologist members with voting rights, each elected from and through various Society constituencies. The HOD representative is expected to attend and participate in the meetings and communicate back to the chapters. The HOD is responsible to oversee and monitor committee work, approve amendments to the by-laws, provide seven members at large on the BOD (Board of Directors), approve the editor of JNMT, develop and recommend policies and programs to the BOD, and review the strategic plan annually. 
  • Definition of Molecular Imaging: Visualization, characterization, and measurement of biological processes at the molecular and cellular levels in humans and other living systems.
  • Historian Report: Dr. Frederick Fahey stated there will be a history of Nuclear Medicine through the eyes of the late Henry Waggoner, MD.
  • Finance Report: Dr. Mike Middleton indicated that despite challenges to all non for profit organization in recent years, the SNMMI  has made strategic maneuvers to keep finances remaining net positive , and in the black.
  • President Report: Dr. Peter Herscovitch discussed the industry forum. This was formed to promote nuclear medicine procedures with industry and trade groups. It is designed for education, reimbursement and evidence based development of nuclear medicine procedures.
    Bylaws: Voted to change language for SNMMI executive director to CEO and definition of membership categories.
  • Membership Task Force: This group has taken on a survey to see why people are not renewing membership in all categories. As issues are mentioned it is being addressed. Membership is still down across the nation. 
  • Chapter Report: The number one issue is concerns of timeliness of VOICE being approved for meetings by SNMMI.
  • Concerns: Students graduating as NMAA are not recognized in some states. Even though PA’s or NP’s are recognized.
  • Technologist Section President's Report: April Mann, CNMT stated the tech section is promoting quality with evidence based criteria for appropriateness of procedures.  JCAHO has asked for help with CT certification of technologists. 

Respectfully submitted,

Deborah Havens, CNMT and Mike Middleton, MD