July-August 2018 Technologist Section President's Letter

Hello everybody, my name is Lucrecia Pantarotto. I am originally from Argentina, but I have been living in Texas for 16 years. I am very proud to work at the Dallas VA hospital as a Nuclear Medicine Tech and PET/CT Tech, and it is a privilege to meet everyday people who have served this country. True heroes! I have been an active member in our Chapter and in the national SNMMI since I become a USA Nuc Med Tech. After I took the SNMMI-TS Leadership Academy course (highly recommended) many years ago, I decided to become more active and I ran for my first office position.

I am truly thankful to the SWC community--they have been very good to me, I should say excellent! They opened the doors to this foreign technologist and mentored me every day. One of my friends told me some time ago that there was a whole big world out there, and it was time for me to spread my wings. And here I am! I am the SWC-TS president for the 2018-2019 term. I will do the best I can--it is all about the you and the Chapter. Nuclear Medicine has changed over the years. By educating ourselves and adding new and enhanced skills to our career, we will stay on top of our profession. If you think the SWC-TS could do better, we want to hear from you; in fact, I encourage you to get involved and join us--join this great SWC-SNMMI family. We are always looking for members to become more active in our Chapter. 

My goals are to focus on mentorship, outreach, update our Bylaws, create a detail job description for those members who wants to get involved in leadership, and bring new members to our Chapter. We would especially like to encourage students regarding the importance of being part of the SNMMI-TS and experiencing the added value to our careers.  

Don’t be shy!!! Get involved! If I did it, you can do it, too!!! 

Lucrecia Pantarotto CNMT
2018-2019 SNMMI-SWC-TS President