January 2013 National SNMMI Chapter Delegates' Report

January 26, 2013, 4:00 P.M., Sheraton Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana

Overview of the House of Delegates meeting:

  • House of Delegate- HOD is the representative component of the Society, composed of a Speaker of the House and 79 physicians, scientists, and technologist members with voting rights, each elected from and through various Society constituencies.
  • The HOD is responsible to oversee and monitor committee work, approve amendments to the by-laws, provide seven members at large on the BOD (Board of Directors), approve the editor of JNMT, develop and recommend policies and programs to the BOD, and review the strategic plan annually. The seating arrangement changed from classroom style to a round table to encourage more participation from members. 
  • Definition of molecular imaging- visualization, characterization, and measurement of biological processes at the molecular and cellular levels in humans and other living systems.
  • The conference calls will continue. Participation in the HOD has improved this year because of this. Improvement in communication between the HOD and the BOD is occurring, as a result. 
  • Name change: Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging ---SNMMI. The general membership at the annual meeting June 2012 voted to change the name. IT is OFFICIAL! Now each chapter has to go through the charter process to change their name accordingly.
  • The NCOR (National Council of Representatives) are the voices of the membership. They have started looking at four hot issues of concern and now have breakout sessions to discuss and report the findings back to the BOD. SHPL is now called State TAG (Technologist Advocacy Group). The leadership academy has been a positive boost for technologist.
  • Strategic plan: Target dates 4.15.13 SWOT analysis, then plan by 5.15.13
  • Membership: Reported that membership is down across the nation. 
  • Concerns: There has been difficulty in finding jobs at all levels---- physicians, physicists, as well as technologist.
  • SNM working with the Alzheimer's Association, Radiology Oncology and European Society of Nuclear Medicine as well as other associations.

Respectfully submitted,

Deborah Havens, CNMT and Mike Middleton, MD