60th Annual Meeting Presentations

By selecting the lecture titles below, you can access a screen-resolution PDF files of presentations. Please note that most presentation PDFs are under 5MB, but some are larger and will take some time to download. Also, we do not have two final presentations.

V/Q scans in 2015 - SPECT and SPECT/CT, Darlene Metter, MD
Imaging and Therapy of Neuroendocrine Tumors, Ron Walker, MD
Parathyroid Imaging in 2015, Twyla Bartel, DO
Interventions & Clinical Skills: Assessment, Stress, ECG, & ACLS, Janice Preslar, CNMT
Current Concepts in Renal Imaging, Kevin Banks, MD
Quality Improvement Basics with a Cardiology Emphasis, Mary Beth Farrell, MS, CNMT
Nuclear Medicine Training – Perspective from a Past ACGME RRC Chairman, Chris Palestro, MD
Multiple Gated Acquisition (MUGA) Scanning, Dmitry Beyder, CNMT
Nuclear Medicine Infection Imaging – Past, Present, Future, Chris Palestro, MD
Current Controversies in the Initial Post-Surgical Radioiodine Therapy for Thyroid Cancer, Ralph Blumhardt, MD
The Future of Nuclear Cardiology and Cardiac CT: Value-based Cardiac Imaging, Daniel Berman, MD
Exercise Flurpiridaz F 18 PET: A Gamechanger, Daniel Berman, MD (not available at this time)
Artifacts and Pitfalls in Myocardial Perfusion Imaging, Peeyush Bhargava, MD
PET/CT Link between Radiation Therapy and Planning, Jonathan Baldwin, CNMT and Garrett Winters, CNMT
Preparing Radiology/Nuclear Medicine to Comply with The Joint Commission Accreditation Standards, Jeffrey Norenberg, PharmD, PhD
Evolution of PET to PET/MRI, Victor Seghers, MD, PhD
Relevant Hybrid Imaging Anatomy, Jorge Lopez, MD (contact the Chapter office; this file was too large)
Radium 223 dichloride and other Parenteral Therapies, Amol Takalkar, MD (not available at this time)
Maximizing the Clinical Impact of PET/CT for Oncology and Neurology, Robert Bridwell, MD
FDG PET-CT Incidentalomas, Kevin Banks, MD
Contributions of PET to Clinical Neuroscience, Peter Herscovitch, MD
SNMMI Update, Peter Herscovitch, MD
Computed Tomography:  Dose Optimization and Applications in Hybrid Imaging, Jon Tucker, PhD
Selective Internal Radiation Therapy – A Story of NucMed/IR Synergy, Michael Clemenshaw, MD and Raul Palacios, MD
Renal Imaging over Time, David Blea, CNMT
Promoting Nuclear Medicine: Educating Providers while Increasing Referrals, Mitch Courtines, MD

For any questions, please contact Charles Metzger, 830.370.6554 / cmetzger(at)swc-snmmi.org