62nd Annual Meeting Presentations

By selecting the lecture titles below, you can access a screen-resolution PDF files of presentations. Please note that most presentation PDFs are under 5MB, but some are larger and will take some time to download. Also, not all presentations were approved for web publication, and that is why some are not listed below.

Nuclear Medicine: Looking Ahead to 2020Eric Rohren, MD
Infection Imaging in Nuclear Medicine: Arguing the Case for FDG PET/CTLuis Tamara, MD
PET/MRI in PediatricsAndrew Sher, MD
Sodium Fluoride (F-18 NaF) Bone PET ImagingJoanna Fair, MD, PhD
Combined NaF & FDG PET ImagingErik Mittra, PhD, MD
The Importance of Advocacy to the Nuclear Medicine ProfessionalTricia Peters, CNMT
Prostate Cancer: An Evolving Clinical Management ParadigmJeri Kim, MD
Prostate Cancer: PSMA PET Imaging and TherapyErik Mittra, PhD, MD
Iodine - 131 Thyroid TherapySara Johnson, CNMT
I-131 Therapy UpdateRyan Niederkohr, MD
Progress in the Land of Small Tumors: Recent Pivotal Studies and Future DirectionsJames Yao, MD
PET Imaging of Neuroendocrine CancerRyan Niederkohr, MD
Lutathera (Lu177-DOTATATE) Therapy for NETsErik Mittra, PhD, MD
Hepatobiliary Scintigraphy in Chronic Abdominal PainMark Tulchinsky, MD
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Fun Nuclear Medicine/PET CasesStanley Grossman, MD
Cases for Connoisseurs: Jeopardy!Ryan Niederkohr, MD
Gastrointestinal Imaging in Nuclear MedicineJay Hiller, MD
New Imaging Techniques for Dementia: Amyloid, Tau, and DatScanRon Fisher, MD, PhD
SPECT/CT in the Evaluation of Musculoskeletal DisordersKevin Banks, MD
New RadiopharmaceuticalsSally Schwarz, RPh
SNMMI UpdateSally Schwarz, RPh
Applications of Radium-223 TherapyEric Rohren, MD
Radiation Exposure; Radioactive Materials LicensingEdwin Giles, MS, DABR/SNM
SPECT and PET Brain Imaging: DATScan, Cerebral Blood flow and EpilepsyDana Mathews, PhD, MD
Radiopharmaceuticals for Nuclear Cardiac Imaging; Generator Systems for Tc-99m and Rb-82Charles Beasley, PhD
2017: V/Q in PE. What’s Up?Darlene Metter, MD
Quality Control Programs for the Nuclear Cardiac Imaging Lab – Gamma Cameras, Dose Calibrators and Survey MetersCharles Dodge, PhD

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