63rd Annual Meeting Presentations

By selecting the lecture titles below, you can access screen-resolution PDF files of presentations. Please note that most presentation PDFs are under 5MB, but some are larger and will take some time to download. Also, not all presentations were approved for web publication, and that is why some are not listed below.

Clinical Perspectives on Prostate Cancer, Kevin Courtney, MD, PhD
Prostate-specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA) Imaging in Prostate Cancer, Rathan Subramaniam, MD
F-18 fluciclovine PET/CT Imaging in Prostate Cancer, Kevin Banks, MD
Effective Techniques to Advance a Clinical Practice, Michael Brophey, MD
Personalized Health Care: Customize Your PET/CT Protocols to Stand Apart!, Amol Takalkar, MD
Radioactive Iodine Treatment for Differentiated Thyroid Cancer, Mark Tulchinsky, MD
Dose Reduction and Radiation Safety Practices in Nuclear Medicine, Stephen Lokitz, MD
V/Q Scans for Non-Acute Indications - a Clinical Perspective, Fernando Torres, MD
Amyloid Brain Imaging in Cognitive Impairment, Adam Fairbourn, CNMT
Theranostics: Nuclear Medicine's Beginnings and the Future, Mark Tulchinsky, MD
SNMMI General Update, Bennett Greenspan, MD
SNMMI Technologist Section-specific Update, Bennett Greenspan, MD
Advancements in Nuclear Medicine Technology & How It Will Change the Field, Reed Selwyn, PhD
Overview of Brain Imaging in Dementia, Saeed Elojeimy, MD, PhD
Perspectives and Considerations for the Hybrid CNMT, Scott Adams, MD
Fundamentals of Cardiac Imaging for the Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Ashlee Patterson, CNMT
Role of PET/CT in Gynecologic Malignancies, Daniella Pinho, MD
Novel Imaging and Therapy in Nuclear Medicine, Dao Le, PharmD
Proffered Talks
~ Identification of Infectious Agents and Micoorganisms in NM Depts, Chelsea Stephens, CNMT
~ Can Electronic Cigarettes be Used in Nuclear Ventilation Studies? A Pilot to Quantitate Aerosolized Technetium-99m DTPA from an Electronic Cigarette, Nicole Langan
~ Early Experience Utilizing 18 F-Fluciclovine for the Detection of Recurrent Prostate Cancer, Chase Rogers, MD
Head & Neck Updates in Clinical Management and Perspective, Saad Khan, MD
Head & Neck Nuclear Medicine Imaging, Rathan Subramaniam, MD
Value-driven Imaging Practices, Bennett Greenspan, MD
Infection Imaging Focused on MSK, Orhan Oz, MD, PhD
Optimize your MPI Lab: Strategies for Success, Peeyush Bhargava, MD
Cardiac Metabolism PET: The Do's and Don’ts Vary, Amol Takalkar, MD

For any questions, please contact Charles Metzger, 830.370.6554 / cmetzger(at)swc-snmmi.org