Ted Bloch, MD
Admired innovator who passed away before completing his 1975-1976 term as Chapter PResident

Ted Bloch, MD

Dr. Bloch was a very active member of the Chapter for many years, being at the time of his death, the 20th Chapter President. After his residency, Dr. Bloch joined Dr. Nadler in the private practice of internal medicine, and part of that practice was in nuclear medical service at Touro Infirmary in New Orleans. The two practiced excellent nuclear medicine, some if it, of course during the formative years of nuclear medicine. Dr. Bloch’s particular interest was in the measurement of such clinical factors as blood volumes, red cell survival studies and the Schilling test. His premature death by myocardial infarction was, of course, a blow to the Southwestern Chapter and to nuclear medicine in general.

Dr. Bloch’s associates and friends describe him as having been the consummate, complete physician. He had a full-time practice of Internal Medicine, was Head of the Department of Internal Medicine at Touro, established the renal dialysis unit, and helped pioneer Nuclear Medicine at Touro. He is remembered for his respect, devotion and dedication to his patients. 

Following his death an endowed lectureship was created as a Memorial to Dr. Bloch under the inspiration and direction of Margaret Epstein, Director of Development at Touro Infirmary; Roy Staub, M.D., Ted's associate in Nuclear Medicine at Touro, and John Hidalgo, M.S.